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Legislative Updates

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2/26/16 Bills of Interest
12/18/15 Bills of Interest
7/13/15 Budget Update: Legislature Passes and Governor Signs 2015-17 Budget, now 2015 Act 55
6/02/15 Budget Update: Joint Finance Committee Completes Technical College-Related Budget Voting
5/06/15 Bills of Interest
4/24/15 Three of Four Technical College Priorities are Secured in Initial Budget Voting; Action Pending on Fourth
3/18/15 Bills of Interest
2/27/15 Technical College Priorities
2/27/15 WTCS Priorities Sheet
2/05/15 Governor Announces 2015-2017 Budget Plans
1/05/15 Legislative Council Committee Ends
1/05/15 Wisconsin Legislative Leadership and Key Committees
1/05/15 Legislators by Technical College District
11/24/14 Local Board Governance of Wisconsin Technical Colleges
11/10/14 Legislators by Technical College District
08/20/14 Local Funding of Wisconsin Technical Colleges
07/24/14 Legislative Council Study Underway
06/12/14 First Legislative Council Study Committee Meeting Set
05/29/14 Study Committee Members Named
05/14/14 Bills of Interest - End of Session Report
04/25/14 Special Report: Technical College Responsiveness Threatened by Attacks on Local Governance and Funding
04/04/14 Legislative Update
03/05/14 SPECIAL REPORT: Special Session Bills Pass Both Houses
01/29/14 Legislative Update
01/23/14 Governor Proposes Major New Workforce Training Investment
01/22/14 Governor’s State of the State Address
01/15/14 Legislative Update
12/04/13 Bills of Interest
10/31/13 Bills of Interest
10/11/13 AB 177 Receives Public Hearing on Short Notice
10/02/13 Governor Announces “Working for Wisconsin” Workforce Development Bills Package
09/04/13 Bills of Interest
07/15/13 Bills of Interest
07/01/13 Governor Signs Budget Bill
06/10/13 Joint Finance Committee (JFC) Completes State Budget Work
05/30/13 Bills of Interest
05/24/13 $2 Million for Technical College Student Financial Aid Added to Budget Bill!
05/10/13 Joint Finance Committee Budget Action
04/19/13 Bills of Interest
03/19/13 Wisconsin Technical College District Board Governance
02/27/13 Bills of Interest
02/21/13 Governor’s State Budget Proposal Invests in Technical Colleges, Creates New Flexibility and New Accountability Measures
02/15/13 New Job Training Program and Grants Proposed
02/11/13 Governor Announces Major Workforce Investments
01/11/13 Wisconsin Technical College Legislative Priorities - 2013 Legislative Session
11/26/12 Governor Walker Signals Move to Performance-Based Funding for Technical Colleges
11/07/12 Wisconsin Election Update
09/25/12 Legislative Update - Act 10 Ruling; New Grants Awarded
08/28/12 Summer Legislative Update V: "Sullivan Report" Issued
08/09/12 Summer Legislative Update IV New Legislative Districts by Technical College
07/10/12 Summer Legislative Update III
06/18/12 Incumbents and Redistricting for Fall, 2012, State Elections
06/13/12 2012 Interim Leg Council Study Committees Appointed
03/30/12 Bills of interest
03/22/12 MATC Milwaukee Board Bill, SB 275, Passes as 2011-2012 Session Adjourns
03/06/12 Assembly Committee Cancels Key Votes on Boards Bill!
03/01/12 Assembly Committee Vote Delayed on Bill to Disband MATC Milwaukee Board
01/17/12 2011-12 Bills of Interest

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