Board Member of the Year Award - 2018

John Lukas - LTC

Each year, we ask our members to recommend colleagues who have made particularly important contributions to our cause as board members and as an association. Selecting a Board Member of the Year is difficult because we must pick from among very deserving individuals who come from very different colleges and boards, and from very different backgrounds and experiences.

We were honored to review the nominations for several really extraordinary members this year, and the committee would be proud to have selected any of the candidates.

The Board Member of the Year Award is based on four criteria: involvement at the district level, involvement at the state level, involvement at the national level, and the individual’s overall service through other contributions.

This Year's Winner - John Lukas - LTC

John Lukas has served on the Lakeshore Technical College (LTC) Board of Directors in all capacities since July 1, 2001. He was Chair from 2010-12, Vice Chair from 2009-10, Secretary/Treasurer on an interim basis, and is currently Chair for 2017-18. John has also served on on four different industry advisory committees at LTC including Machinists and Tool and Die Apprenticeships for nineteen years, Machine Tool Youth Apprenticeships for 15 years, Machine Tool Program for eight years, and chair of the Industrial Equipment and Maintenance Program advisory committee for eight years. John is the co-owner and vice president of LDI Industries in Manitowoc, WI, a position he has held since 1993. For the past 26 years, he has been coordinator and supervisor of seven different Apprenticeship Programs at LDI. A lifelong Manitowoc resident, John has supported the Manitowoc YMCA through membership and generous financial support.

John is the co­founder and President of LEAP for Education, a 501 (c)(3) employer-led organization which supports, promotes and helps fund quality work-based learning programs and activities for youth throughout the Manitowoc and Sheboygan, WI area. This innovative program has created an effective partnership with LTC to train and nurture qualified manufacturing and trade workers in the community. Since 2003, John has also been instrumental in the donation of more than $45,000 from LEAP for instruction and operations of LTC’s School-to-Work program.

Through LDI, John has sponsored K-12 Youth Apprenticeship students for 20 years and LTC Adult Apprenticeship students for 26 years. He served as Chair of the LTC/Manitowoc County Chamber Career Expo in 2005-06, Co-chair in 2001-04, and has been a business panelist for 11 years for the event. Lukas was also the primary promoter to unite the Sheboygan and Manitowoc chambers of commerce to develop the Lakeshore Area Business, Education and Community partnership.

In 2010, Lukas was instrumental in identifying a unique grant opportunity through the U.S. Department of Commerce which provided $670,000 in grant funding to establish the LTC-Plymouth Science & Technology Center.

John has participated in every Wisconsin Technical College District Board Association quarterly meeting except one since his term began in 2001, and every Board of Directors annual planning meeting. In addition, he also served as the Wisconsin Technical College District Boards Association (DBA) Chair and his DBA tenure includes two year stints each as President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. He served on two DBA subcommittees, the Interdistrict/Interagency Cooperation, Legislative, and the Human Resources Committee. As Vice President, he presented at a 2005 State Board meeting to inform alignment of DBA goals and mission and promote collaboration with the State Board and Presidents Association. Since 2001, he has attended sixteen WTCS State Board meetings and two State Board planning meetings. In 2002, Lukas represented LTC as a member of the Business Education Partnerships to the Governor’s Work Based Learning Board. He has also served as LTC’s Board of Trustee member for the WTCS Insurance Trust Consortium.

Statewide, John was a co­organizer and recipient of the Utility Business Education Coalition /Wisconsin Public Service Technical Assistance Grant in 2001 and was awarded the 2009 Wisconsin State Apprenticeship Program Sponsor Award for industry. In addition, he was recognized with the Governor’s Exemplary Employer Award, as well as appointed as a member of the Business Education Partnership to the Governor’s Work-Based Learning Board.

LTC has benefitted greatly by John’s efforts and understanding of the legislative process and how it affects not only LTC but the WTCS as a whole. In 2012, John led LTC’s contribution to successful advocacy efforts to stop Wisconsin Senate Bill 275, intended to disband the Board of Milwaukee Area Technical College. Annually he accompanies, an LTC contingent to meet with state legislators as part of the DBA Winter Quarterly meeting.

John attended the ACCT Legislative Summits in Washington D.C. from 2002-16, and participated in the ACCT Leadership Congress for the last thirteen years. Nationally, he was appointed to the Association of Community College Trustees Communications and Education Committee in 2009, served on the ACCT Nominating Committee for three years, including one year as Committee Chair. He currently serves on the ACCT Bylaws Committee. John was also recently elected director-at-large for the ACCT on the first ballot and received more votes than any other candidate. John will serve in this role until October 2019.

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