Fall Meeting 2020 Slides, Links & Other Resources

October 23, 2020
Virtual Host: Nicolet Area Technical College
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Fall Meeting Morning In-service Segments

Videos of the in-service sessions will be posted here shortly after the meeting

Association President and Host College Nicolet Welcome
Vernon Jung & Dr. Richard Nelson

Parent Perceptions

Mary K Malone
President/Founder Appleseed Consumer Insight

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Perception Data Collected by Colleges

Hilary Barker
Senior Research Analyst, Office of Student Success (WTCS)

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Graduate Outcomes

Conor Smyth
Director of Strategic Advancement
Wisconsin Technical College System


What does Marketing Consortium do with all the data?

Katy Pettersen
Director - Marketing Consortium
Wisconsin Technical Colleges


Changing Perceptions of Employers and Adult Learners

Kate Ferrel
Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Al Javoroski
Dean of Business and Information Technology
Ellen Mathein
Business Management Instructor
Nicolet Area Technical College


Featured Nicolet Partnership - Guiding Rural Innovation and Development

Sandy Bishop
Executive Director of Economic and Community Development
Toni Van Doren
Business Solutions Coordinator
Chuck Komp
Manager of Strategic Initiatives (retired)
Nicolet Area Technical College - GRID

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Other Meeting Materials