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Laverne Hays (BTC) interviews Roger Zacharias (GTC)

Zacharias & Hays

Cohesion 101

If you’re gluing lumber and building a pine box, you’ll probably need some Elmers. If you're gluing Boards together, you need Trustees like Roger Zacharias!

In case you missed it, Roger was selected as Gateway Technical Colleges’ 2020 Distinguished Alumni, and building things is right up Roger’s alley. He chose Gateway Technical College to build his future as a carpenter apprentice – graduating in 1990. He has been paying back by serving his alma mater as a Trustee since 2004. He has twice served as their Board Chair.

Yes, Roger is one of those guys who brings cohesion to a meeting. He brings people together by asking questions, making participants think, and building consensus that brings people together.

Seeing Roger and his wife Barb (yes, it’s a family thing to them) at a Quarterly meeting over the last eight years is almost a sure bet for me.

Not only a friend of long-serving Board members, Roger is one of the first to welcome new Trustees to the DBA as well.

Following in the footsteps of respected but retired Trustees who set the standard - such as Pauline Jaske and Ron Bertieri – and while walking beside current active members like Russ Moyer and Bob Beaver, Roger continues building good Boardsmanship.

Roger stays close to his alma mater , living and working just a stones throw away from Gateway’s Kenosha campus.

Congratulations Roger – and thank you!