Legislative Update for Wisconsin Technical Colleges

May 24, 2023


Joint Committee on Finance Action on WTCS Budget

The Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) met yesterday, May 24th, to take action on the WTCS Budget.

The committee adopted the following motions:

  1. Increase General Aid by an additional $9,388,500 over the biennium (the second largest increase in System history), distributed as follows:
  2. The increase represents a 3% annual increase and will be distributed based on the current general aid framework: with 70 percent distributed using the statutory formula and 30 percent distributed based on the outcomes-based funding formula. From 2014-15 through 2018-19, general aid was flat-funded at $88,534,900. With yesterday’s action, we have now realized ongoing increases in resources for the colleges for the third straight biennium.

  3. Increase Grants to District Boards by an additional $5.0 million over the biennium.
    • $3.0 million in FY 2023-24 for Open Educational Resources (this is one-time funding)
    • $1.0 million in FY 2023-24 and $1.0 million in FY 2024-25 for Workforce Advancement Training Grants, which allow the colleges to provide employers customized instruction for current employees.
  4. No change to WTCS Wisconsin Grants.
  5. We will continue to monitor progress on the state budget over the coming weeks and will update you as needed.