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11/13/20 How COVID-19 formula hurt Wisconsin’s most vulnerable college students
11/13/20 State community college leaders say more federal aid is crucial
11/13/20 Working students need more support
10/30/20 Progress, and Finger Pointing, on Student Transfer: A Survey
10/30/20 Colleges Form Alliance to Attack Racial Equity Gaps
10/30/20 Demand soars for contact tracing courses
10/30/20 COVID-19's Lasting Effects on the Higher Education Landscape
10/23/20 Community colleges nationally see 23% decline in first time enrollments
10/23/20 College enrollment declines deepen
10/23/20 Varying Associate Degree ROI's according to Georgetown CEW
10/23/20 White House Task Force reports extreme concern for Wisconsin
10/16/20 Wisconsin Technical Colleges Reporting Enrollment Declines Amid Pandemic
10/16/20 Making High-Quality Short-Term Workforce Programs Pell Grant-Eligible
10/16/20 Federal Policy and Part-Time Students
10/16/20 Envisioning the Future of Higher Ed in a Post-pandemic World
10/09/20 WTCS 2021-23 Budget Documents available
10/09/20 Executive Order's effect on two-year colleges
10/09/20 Another Abele gift to MATC targets equity
10/09/20 60,000 apply for Michigan’s frontline workers scholarship
10/09/20 Marketplace checks in on colleges a few weeks into the fall semester (podcast)
10/09/20 California seeks more diverse community college faculty
10/02/20 Michigan Offers Free College Education To Essential Workers
10/02/20 Diane Hendricks, three others resign from Beloit College board of trustees
10/02/20 What is data's role in COVID-era talk about colleges' financial health?
10/02/20 Community College Enrollments Drop This Fall
09/25/20 Outbreak Stresses Town-Gown Relations in Wisconsin
09/25/20 Wanted: More Community College Faculty to Help Keep Students On Track
09/25/20 Cautious Interest in College Among Working Adults
09/25/20 Colleges scrap spring break to limit coronavirus spread
09/25/20 Guided pathways gain traction, but some practices aren't widespread: report
09/18/20 UW announces two weeks of online courses, two dorms quarantined
09/18/20 Wisconsin sees record 1,547 more COVID-19 cases as 10-29 age group accounts for half of recent surge
09/18/20 What does it take for nudging to impact college students' success?
09/18/20 Colleges met with strikes, collective action over fall reopening plans
09/18/20 The COVID crisis in community colleges — what does the data say?
09/11/20 Video: Executive Director Layla Merrifield discusses the current outlook for the state budget.
09/11/20 LFB Memo: Preliminary 2019-20 General Fund Tax Collections
09/11/20 City budgets facing sharp declines across the country.
09/11/20 “Scholar Strike” planned for next week
09/11/20 Summer enrollments dropped at community colleges nationally
09/11/20 As pandemic continues, colleges help unemployed workers find new jobs
09/11/20 Leaders in educating the incarcerated, but underfunded
09/04/20 How colleges can help vulnerable students in their pandemic response
09/04/20 Looking through new lenses
09/04/20 Academic Innovation Has Failed to Tackle Higher Education’s Biggest Challenge
09/04/20 Southwest Tech moves program to virtual format after possible COVID-19 exposure
08/28/20 Families Making Tough Decisions About Returning to Wisconsin Campuses
08/28/20 Thompson seeks 3.5% UW System increase to expand Bucky's Tuition Promise, other initiatives
08/28/20 New Grant for Colleges Affected by COVID-19
08/28/20 BTC approves ballot referendum for $32 million new training facility
08/28/20 Graduate realizes career fit through Gateway
08/21/20 Community colleges may draw more students this fall as parents balk at paying high tuition for remote learning
08/21/20 Making Remote Learning Relevant
08/21/20 Concerned about COVID-19 spread, Marquette backs off housing requirement for students
08/21/20 Faulty Assumptions About Lab Teaching During COVID
08/14/20 ATE strategies under COVID-19 conditions
08/14/20 Colleges are increasingly going online for fall
08/14/20 What Equity and Student Support Mean at Colleges That Have Been at It for Generations
08/14/20 Smart Money Moves for College Students This Fall
08/03/20 Madison College's Plan for Fall
08/03/20 Liability protection for colleges on the table
08/03/20 It's Time for Governing Boards to Weigh In on Race
08/03/20 'I am the future': During COVID-19, low-income students fight to defy college dropout stats
08/03/20 Coalition Letter to Wisconsin’s Congressional Delegation Requests Federal Fiscal Relief
07/17/20 Wisconsin private colleges, technical colleges sign historic transfer agreement
07/17/20 Podcast: The Next Enrollment Challenge
07/17/20 Wisconsin breaks record for new daily COVID-19 cases
07/17/20 Tommy Thompson requests $110 million to reopen UW campuses
07/17/20 Report Identifies Early Signs of COVID-19 Impact on Enrollment
07/17/20 Colleges race to create 'a new sense of normalcy.'
07/17/20 Colleges Are Making Masks Mandatory. But They’re Not an Option for Everyone.
07/10/20 WEDC Economic Report to Legislature on impact of COVID-19, including WTCS
07/10/20 US Senate considers more aid for colleges
07/10/20 President Martin weighs in on how to recruit and retain a diverse workforce
07/10/20 Wisconsin GOP seeking veto-proof majority
07/10/20 Dane County public health tightens restrictions
07/03/20 Innovators at Work: How Fox Valley Tech is adapting to historic times with inventive solutions
07/03/20 Quarter of American adults say they plan to enroll in education or training within the next six months
07/03/20 Illinois Governor issues requirements for fall for K-12, higher ed
07/03/20 DPI issues guidance for K-12 reopening this fall
07/03/20 Senator Alexander Supports Additional Funds to Help Colleges Reopen
07/03/20 Technical Colleges begin reopening
07/03/20 Public strongly supports two-year colleges
06/29/20 UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee make it official: Campuses will reopen for fall, but with limitations
06/29/20 How to Help Low-Income Students Hold Their Own on the Job Market
06/29/20 Layla sat down with President Paul Carlsen to discuss the state’s budget and the District Boards Association’s advocacy work.
06/29/20 Ben Konruff & WTCS Student Success Center released a new action research brief on Measurable Skill Gains in Adult Education and Family Literacy programs
06/29/20 Evers provides $80 million to K-12, higher education institutions to partially offset coronavirus losses
06/22/20 M3 honors Milwaukee Public Schools seniors graduating with early college
06/22/20 MSOE partners with Wisconsin Technical College System to offer new transfer program
06/22/20 Western's Business And Industry Services Offering Training Courses In June
06/22/20 After the Pandemic
06/22/20 A Medley of Multimodal Projects
6/12/20 Nicolet - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources and Updates
6/12/20 Limited students begin resuming labs and hands-on courses
6/12/20 NBC News - With higher ed in limbo, students are switching to community colleges
5/21/20 County health care students learn in an unusual time
5/21/20 Limited students begin resuming labs and hands-on courses
5/21/20 NNS news and notes: MATC Promise deadline extended
5/21/20 20% Enrollment Drop Seen
5/21/20 Northcentral Technical College Donates Health Supplies to Local Healthcare Partners
4/29/20 Western Foundation Launches Fundraiser For Student Emergency Fund
4/29/20 WITC donates critical supplies for COVID-19 relief efforts
4/28/20 Southwest Tech Foundation creates S.O.S. fund
4/09/20 CVTC Offers Fire Facility For COVID-19 Fight
5/08/20 Northcentral Technical College Donates Health Supplies to Local Healthcare Partners
03/30/20 MATC donated PPE to 6 Milwaukee-area hospitals
04/07/20 GTC Fab Lab continues designing, working on PPE to help front line workers
04/01/20 NATC Foundation creates Student Emergency Assistance Fund to Help Students Through COVID-19 Outbreak
04/07/20 Mid-State moves to virtual delivery to keep students on path to graduation
03/30/20 NWTCs ensuring students can complete college education