Committee Materials

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Association Committees

  1. Bylaws, Policies & Procedures. As requested, the Committee shall review the corporate bylaws, policies and procedures manual of the Association, and if necessary, recommend appropriate changes. Additionally, upon request by the Board of Directors, the Committee will review a specific proposed resolution or proposed change in corporate bylaws, policies or procedures, and will, if appropriate, make a recommendation to the Board of Directors.
  2. Legislative. The Committee shall serve as the cornerstone of the corporation’s legislative interaction.
  3. Program. The Committee shall assist in establishing the corporation’s in-service education programs.
  4. Human Resources. The Committee shall serve as the catalyst in the coordination of human resources management.
  5. Marketing/Public Relations & Awards. The Committee will determine, select the recipients of, and deliver the corporation’s annual awards.
  6. Interdistrict/Interagency Cooperation. The Committee shall identify, consider, and promote opportunities for cooperative activities between unit member colleges and between Wisconsin’s Technical Colleges and other entities as appropriate.